Do You Take Time to Notice People?

Yes, especially those near and dear to you.

Moulding Beauty
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I love watching humans.

I think we are definitely God’s best creation and that’s saying a lot because have you seen a sunrise or sunset?

Yet, when He created man and woman, He said, “It is very good.”

Everything else had an, “It’s good.”

So yes, humans are a big deal.

But somehow, we forget that part. And in forgetting, we think of each other very casually, as if we are basic.

Can never be! Not God’s creation.

Yet, we have succeeded in dishonouring each other.

We do not handle each other with care.

And when you’re cavalier about something, you do not give it the time of day.

When you don’t think of something as precious and beautiful and important, it’s very easy to overlook it.

Sadly, that’s how soke of us live — daily overlooking others.

Even those closest to us.

A spouse. A parent. A child. A friend.

When you care about something, you notice things about it; even the subtlest of changes.

When a hairstyle is changed.

When a smile is less wide.

When the attitude becomes sombre.

You notice things.

And, when a human is seen; noticed its like the sun shining just on them.

It makes one feel special and valuable and even loved.

Like they matter — which we all do.

We are always looking for extreme and extravagant things to prove our love and commitment when love really exists in the simple and mundane things.

It’s in the hug.

It’s in the text, “I’m thinking about you.”

It’s in the putting the phone away and focusing on what your two-year-old is saying with just the three words they know. 🥰

It’s in noticing and acknowledging.

It’s in seeing someone for who they are.

I do my best to notice people — besides the fact that humans just fascinate me, I’m happy to make someone feel seen and heard.

Probably because I know what it’s like to feel invisible.

To feel like people see what they they want in you because they don’t want to take the time to actually see you.

It takes time and effort and intentionality.

I found that in God, first and foremost.

And now, I know how to see others.

Who have you been overlooking?

Who do you need to see today?

Who do you need to be present with?

Go do that and watch the radiance it will cause in them.


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